Partnership with VEECEE

Hi All!

The YVCF is happy to announce it’s partnership with the London and Amsterdam organization VEECEE!


VEECEE has been established by a few young venture capitalists, for European venture capitalists. The organisation aims to further ignite passion, share experiences, strengthen the network, and make it easier for international VCs to connect to their peers. The ultimate goal is twofold: To make us become even more active members of the local startup ecosystem and to share learnings with entrepreneurs, founders and investors.

Currently active in Amsterdam ( and London ( with Berlin and more cities to follow throughout 2018. Check the website for upcoming events for when you happen to be in town, or reach out via e-mail to be connected to the respective communities.

Whenever VEECEE representatives will visit Israel, they will have access to our YVCF events. If any of the YVCF members are visiting the UK or Amsterdam, they are encouraged to reach out to our VEECEE representatives below.


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